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Keynote Speakers

CPPC 2013 Keynote speakers:



Prof. Robert Vallerand, PhD (President of International Positive Psychology Association IPPA)
Director, Research Laboratory on Social Behavior
University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada


Prof. Antonella Delle Fave, MD (Former president of the International Positive Psychology Association IPPA and the European Network of Positive Psychology ENPP)
Faculty of Medicine
University of Milano, Italy
"Positive Psychology and the Challenge of Diversity"
 ruch.jpgProf. Willibald Ruch, PhD (member of IPPA Board of Directors)
University of Zurich, Switzerland
"Zurich Studies in Positive Psychology"
Positive Psychology Consultant, Trainer, Coach & Author
Bristol, United Kingdom


Charles Martin-Krumm, PhD (member of IPPA Board of Directors)
University of Western Brittany
CREAD Research Labatory, France


Director of Teachers’ Center “Juan de Lanuza”
Counselor for Teacher Training, Teachers’ Center “Juan de Lanuza”
Zaragoza, Spain
Keynote speakers from the Czech Republic:
Prof. Jaro Krivohlavy 
Charles University, Prague
Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences
Prof. Pavel Rican
Charles University, Prague 
Prof. Jiri Mares, PhD
Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Hradec Kralove

sipr.jpgProf. MUDr. ThLic. Kvetoslav Sipr
Faculty of Medicine Palacký University, Olomouc
"Issues of Positive Psychology in Education of Future Physicians"



preiss.jpgDoc. Marek Preiss, Ph.D.
Prague Psychiatric Center
"Are We Ready for Positive Formulations in Writing of Psychological Report?"