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Prof. Antonella Delle Fave, MD

Positive Psychology anf the Challenge of Diversity

The investigation of well-being is a complex task, due to the variety of perspectives adopted by researchers, professionals, and lay people in the definition and interpretation of this term. Nevertheless well-being is a universal concern, shared by individuals and communities living in different historical and cultural contexts, as well as under different circumstances. This diversification requires greater attention to the contexts in which well-being studies are conducted, and to the cultural nuances that characterize conceptualizations and strategies to achieve well-being in each community. The issue of diversity has been only marginally addressed in the first decade of positive psychology development. Models and studies are still prominently grounded into a Western, individualistic, and pragmatist outlook. The limitations of this perspective will be exemplified through a brief analysis of well-being conceptualizations and evaluations in the domain of health and across cultures.